How To Negotiate A Killer Job Offer

In the book “How To Negotiate A Killer Job Offer,” employment lawyer Robin Bond helps you learn the job offer negotiation secrets that top executives know. And she shows you how to use them to power your own career and financial future forward. From salary negotiations coming into a job, to severance protecting you on the way out, this book has you covered.How To Negotiate a Job Offer book cover with a female spy in a fedora

  • Are you looking for a job, and want to be prepared when you get that job offer for the position you really want?
  • Is your job search coming to an end? Do you have an offer in hand, but need to get comfortable negotiating a win-win job offer?
  • Are you a good negotiator, but want to hone your negotiation skills even further?

Then Robin F. Bond, Esq.’s Book: How To Negotiate A Killer Job Offer, Volume 1 in The Job “Secret Agent” Series, is for you.

Robin Bond has 30 years of experience as an attorney. She represents executives in negotiating employment and severance agreements, often working behind the scenes – in secret – helping her clients in powerful salary negotiations get the perks and protections they seek in their employment deals.  She knows what works in the real world – and what doesn’t…and Robin shows you what can work for you. Forward by entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

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Based upon the thousands of clients who have learned how to negotiate a killer job offer using her proactive negotiation process, Bond has distilled her negotiating secrets into a short, nuts-and-bolts, how-to employment guide that helps employees level the job offer negotiation playing field. 

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